Peck Cemetery

Peck Family Burial Ground

Dates of Use: 1787-1819

In 2011, a private landowner on Hook Rd in Bedford contacted the newly formed Friends group.  On his property was an abandoned, overgrown cemetery.


Only two headstones were visible, those of Samuel Peck (b. 1749 d. 1798), and Deborah Peck, his mother (b. 1703 d. 1798).

While exploring the heavily overgrown area, our Town Historian almost stepped on this snake, thought to be a copperhead.


 A team was brought in to clear the land, estimates were obtained to repair several damaged stones, and the work began.


Other stones were discovered and uncovered, those of Samuel Peck’s two daughters, Ann Peck Scofield and Deborah Peck Westcott, as well as two unknown graves marked by fieldstones.



A low stone wall was built to surround the burial ground.  The cemetery was re-consecrated in June of 2012 by Reverend Terrence Elsberry, the Rector at St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Bedford.